These are the most common questions that we recieve
For more informations consult our “Japan” page.
1. Why do I have to make a deposit ?

The deposit allows you to get access to the auctions and to show that you are a serious client.

With the deposit you get an unlimited access to the thousands of cars which are available every day, compare them and see which one you like the most.


Your deposit is only valid for one successful BID. When you win a BID, your deposit will be included in the total price of your car.

Which means that if you want to BID again, you need to make a new deposit.

If the BID has not been won, the deposit is still valid and you can bid again on other vehicles.

2. How long is my deposit available ?

The deposit gives you one month access, after that period if you didn’t bid, we refund your deposit*.

You can get your deposit at any time; you simply need to ask for it.

The deposit isn’t refundable if you win a BID, it will be included in the total price of the car.

 *Money transfer fees might be deducted according to your bank’s policy.

3. How to get information on the car ?

When you consult the cars, please be sure to check out the information about the vehicle with the “VIN Number” that you find on every car sheet.

It is close to impossible that a stolen car appears in the auctions in Japan, nevertheless please check with the same “VIN Number” on this site.

You are responsible for your purchase, please be thorough with the inspection of every detail given to you on the car sheet and with VIN Number.

4. How to check the car's condition ?

Before submitting a BID, please visit our auction page. We have detailed all the steps necessary to be able to bid with serenity.

5. What are Automobile Center's fees ?

We handle for you the bidding, the purchase, the inspection, all the paperwork and the transportation of the car from Japan to your country.

Our fee is to be paid within 2 working days as soon as the BID has been won. It can be transferred by Paypal or bank transfer. We advise you to adjust it as soon as possible so that you can buy your vehicle promptly.

If the entirety of the car isn’t paid within this delay, not only you will lose the car; but, you will also lose your deposit since we would be obliged to resale the car.

Our fee varies accordingly to the car you will buy, but we charge around 10% of the vehicle’s cost.


6. What is the payment delay after winning a BID ?

You will receive two invoices, the first being Automobile Center’s fee.

After you paid the latter, you will receive your car’s invoice.

You have 2 days to pay your first invoice, after that you have once again 2 days to pay your car’s invoice.

We proceed this way to lower the cost of the VAT you will have to pay once your car arrives at the port.

With our method we allow you to pay the VAT accordingly to the price of your merchandise and not the annex services.

7. What happens if I give up the vehicle after winning a BID ?

After winning a BID, the purchase contract is concluded and you take total responsibility for the vehicle. It is your responsibility to pay the service charge and subsequently the entire vehicle.


If you surrender the vehicle after a winning BID, you will lose your deposit and will not be able to buy this vehicle anymore.

Your BID will be used to pay the annex charges related to the auction and to the resale of the car.


8. Why should I choose the transport option ?

We handle for you the transportation of your car until the port that you have chosen.

But it is your responsibility to handle the paperwork, border control and to get your car out of the port once it has arrived.


If you wish not to manage this process; under a feasibility study, we can handle it for you. 

9. Can you deliver my vehicle at my house ?

We deliver cars everywhere in the world. Nevertheless the option of “direct house delivery” is subject to a feasibility study.*

*subject to extra cost.

10. Should I transport my vehicle in a container or RORO ?

Carrying your car in RORO (Roll On Roll Off) is cost and time-saving. It is a ship where cars are parked and attached as if it was a parking lot.

We recommend RORO transportation for single purchases and for low-quality vehicles.

Using a container to transport your vehicle is the safest way available. However, it is also the most expensive and longest method of transportation.

We recommend container either for very expensive cars or multiple purchases.

11. What should I do after I purchase my vehicle ?

Once the boat is near his arrival at the port. You will have to pay customs the amount of VAT and taxes (if any).

We will contact you (or a forwarder you chose) and send you the elements you need to pay at your customs.

If you were late in those payments, you would be the only responsible for the car and any consequences that may occur.